What to do if a condom breaks while having sex?

What to do if a condom breaks while having sex?

If you do not wear a condom properly or your condom is worn or worn by your small size condom, sometimes a condom can explode during sex. During sex, condom breaks increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

What to do if the condom breaks during sex? If you work with control of anxiety disorders and become frightened, first stop sexual intercourse. Otherwise it increases the risk of infection to you and your partner. You should keep instability and should immediately separate yourself from this action. Urine and purification If a condom breaks during intercourse, then the woman and the man should wash their genitals well with water because they reduce the risk of infection.

What to do if a condom breaks while having sex?

If you try to clean it from inside, women should clean their vagina, then bacteria and other infections may take place. This increases the risk of infection. Men should clean their skin inside their penis well. Both male and female sacrifice urine. It also reduces the risk greatly. If the condom breaks during sex, if you want to avoid two unwanted pregnancies, take an emergency emergency contraception pill.

These tablets can be used after 72 minutes, but if they are eaten in the first 24 hours, then it is more effective. After all, after knowing all that you need to know about the causes of this condom break, because this accident can also happen in the future. If you consider everything well, then you will definitely know the reason for its explosion.

If condom breaks during intercourse, then seven days after sexual intercourse should be examined. Get immediate medical help if you have any problems or facial symptoms seven days ago. At the same time, if you are tired, the condom breaks, do not forget to check your partner’s pregnancy. Take Emergency Pill.

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